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How to find out who views your Instagram profile the most

Miranda Lucas


Wondering if your crush has been viewing your Instagram profile? (Or, God forbid, your mom?) Currently, Instagram lacks a feature that allows you to see who has recently looked at your page. However, with these tips and tricks, you can play detective and figure out who has likely looked at your Instagram profile the most!


How to find out who views your Instagram profile the most

Check your Instagram Stories

If your profile is public, anyone can view your Instagram Stories even if they don’t follow you. Also, people who view your profile are more likely to watch your Story. When you click on your Instagram Story, it will show you a list of users who have watched it.

Now that you can save Stories as permanent Highlights on your profile, it’s easy to go through each Story and see which names come up most. The people who view your Stories most frequently are very likely the same people who view your Instagram profile most often.

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Use a Third-Party App

If you download an app that offers insights, then you will have a better idea of who has been viewing your Instagram profile. Apps such as Followers Assistant and UnFollowers can track who follows or unfollows your Instagram account. Many also offer insights into who likes your photos most often, who comments most frequently, and who has blocked you. From this information, you can gain better insight regarding who tends to view your profile.

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You can find several apps that promise to tell you who views your Instagram profile most. These apps claim they simply collect data from your Instagram profile and calculate who has viewed your profile the most. Unfortunately, no app is able to do this, because the Instagram API does not share that information — so buyer beware.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to post photos on social media and not know who’s even seeing them. If you want to find out who is viewing your Instagram profile, try one of these two solutions.

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