Top 5 apps that’ll make you an Instagram model

Troy Zaher


Have you ever taken a picture for Instagram and thought there was something off about it? Maybe you wanted to post the perfect selfie, but there’s just one big blemish standing in the way. Thankfully there are a plethora of apps to help with this dilemma.


Top 5 apps that’ll make you an Instagram model

Pixtr - Auto Makeover Download now ►
Pixtr is an auto retouch app that automatically detects and removes facial imperfections so you don’t have to. It’s a smart app that can be used for quick photo editing when needed.
VSCO is it’s own Instagram-esque community of photo-takers, however their editing tools and filters are a bit more sophisticated than Instagram’s. If you’re looking to have more editing options in the same style of Instagram, such as simple brightness changes and filters, than this app is perfect for you.
Snapseed Download Now ►
This app features a more customizable approach to editing the brightness and clarity of a photo than other photo-editing apps. Many apps feature an auto-enhance feature, while this one is easier to customize to your own preferences instead.
InShot Video Editor Music, Cut Free Download ►
While the other apps on this list focus on editing specific photos, InShot is a great choice for a video editor to enhance your Instagram. With this, you can customize your videos to fit your Instagram’s style.
FaceTune Download Now ►
Out of every photo-editing app, FaceTune is probably the one you’ve heard of the most. It’s basically a more customizable version of Pixtr, where you can edit your photos for blemish removal and reconstructing facial imperfections. This app is by far the best face editor around, if you have the time to learn and use it properly.

With all these great apps to use, you’ll be an Instagram star in no time! Be sure to follow Softonic’s Instagram page while you’re rising to stardom.

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