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Netflix wants your Instagram followers to know what you’re binging

Patrick Devaney


If you’re a big Instagram user, you might have noticed over the last couple of days that some of your friends’ Instagram Stories have included something new. In the last couple of days Netflix has added a new feature for iOS users, which makes it easy to share what you’re watching via Instagram Stories.


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As well as adding the new Share feature, Netflix has even started rolling out dedicated artwork for some of its best shows and movies. Furthermore, the Netflix update also allows for plenty of customizations to add on top of the Netflix artwork including standard Instagram Stories features like stickers and polls.

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How to add what you’re watching on Netflix to your Instagram Stories

To share what you’re watching on Netflix via Instagram click on what you’re going to watch. Then, before you hit the play or resume button you want to hit the share button next to the like icon. This will open up the sharing options Netflix offers, which includes Messages, Messenger, Copy Link, and now Instagram Stories.

Hitting Instagram Stories will take you over to the Instagram app and line you up with a new story, complete with artwork for the Netflix show or movie you want to share. You can then add all the extras you like, just like you would with a regular Instagram Story. The other cool thing is that all of your Netflix themed Instagram Stories will link back to the show’s page on Netflix, making it easier than ever for your friends to get caught up on what you’re watching. This will, of course, also give Netflix a bit of a traffic boost, which is likely one of the main reasons for the change.

This latest tweak to Instagram’s sharing feature comes on the back of the largest price hike in Netflix’s history. Most subscribers will see their monthly Netflix bill jump $2, although those subscribers on Netflix’s bottom tier will only have to pay an extra $1 a month. The Instagram Stories sharing feature should take the focus off the price and square it solely on the content.

This is, of course, the conversation Netflix wants us to be having as it moves forward into 2019. The recent price hike, which will come into effect for current subscribers over the next three months, will go some way to pay for the supposed $19 billion Netflix has set aside for new content this year. As that new content starts to bolster Netflix’s roster, it makes sense for the company to be giving us as many opportunities as possible to talk about it in as engaging a manner as possible.  That is, as long as it new content is good content.

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