National Geographic joins the Instagram community

Elena Santos


Since I tried Instagram for the first time a couple of months ago, I’ve become quite addicted to this little app. It’s a great way to experiment with creative photos and at the same time share them with friends and followers. And now that I learnt that National Geographic has partnered with Instagram, it’s suddenly become a much more interesting app!

The terms of this partnership though are yet to be defined. According to Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, “we’ve been going back and forth — brainstorming ideas for how NG can participate in the community”. Whatever idea they come up with, Systrom states that Instagram users will be a priority in this agreement.

National Geographic has already created an account on Instagram (you can find them under the username “natgeo”) and say they’re “looking forward to sharing photo tips and running IG photo challenges”. No matter what the outcome of this partnership is, I’m sure it’ll be very exciting for the whole Instagram community – and a new resource of popularity and revenue for its developers.

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