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Add more links to your Instagram profile with Linktree

Trevor Hutchins


If you’ve been around Instagram for a while, you may have noticed some users create “link trees.” These are a single link (the trunk) that takes users to even more links (the branches), which can direct them to Facebook, Patreon, a personal website and more!


More likely than not, they achieved this with Linktree!

We’ll be honest: Linktree’s applications aren’t limited to Instagram alone. However, it’s become well known on Instagram because the app only allows one web address in their designated slot. It’s the perfect location for a customizable directory!

If you’re ready to fire it up, let’s talk about how to…

How to create a link tree with

Step 1: Go to the website


First off, in order to get Linktree, you have to sign up for it on their website. 

You’ll want to sign in with Instagram or create a new account. Once that’s finished, you’ll have a dashboard that looks something like the picture above! There are a few items to note:

The Links, Settings, and Pro menus all have important duties. The first manages links, the second changes the color users will see, and Pro displays the many features of their premium account.

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And, of course, at the top right you’ll be given the link itself. Place this in your Instagram account or profile of choice at any time: it’ll auto-update whenever you make changes on the Linktree dashboard.

In an Instagram account, it’ll probably look something like this:


Step 2: Add links


When you hit “Add new button/link”, you get the new tab shown in the picture above. Add a title for others to see, then post the link in directly below.

Yeah, it’s pretty much that simple.

Once the information finishes updating, the yellow slider on the right will turn green. At that time, you may activate or deactivate the entry at any time without actually deleting the link to “remove” it. Nifty!

Holding your cursor over the triple-dot grip on the left allows you to drag and drop each link with ease. If you have one that’s more important than the others or want them in alphabetical order, it’s a cinch to arrange them as you wish.

Finally, the icons at the bottom right are for Pro users only. Should you accept the cost, they’ll help you create a thumbnail picture, highlight certain links, schedule times for links to appear/disappear, and more!

3. Personalize


Recap: you added the links to your link tree, you named each of the addresses, and you placed the URL in your Instagram account. Now, what’s left but altering how the tree itself looks?

Head over to Settings!

Color options take up most of the space here: you can choose what the buttons and backgrounds look like with the click of a button. You don’t even need to save because everything is automatically updated!

Without a Pro account, be prepared to choose one of nine options. We recommend clicking through each to find what sticks out to you. Don’t worry, they’re all clean and professional! You may find that the lack of options makes the decision refreshingly simple and straightforward.

You can also change your avatar from here. By default, it will be your Instagram profile picture. However, you can upload a specific picture if you want. Anyone that visits the link will see the set graphic instead!


Linktree makes connecting multiple accounts and websites from your Instagram profile easy. With two clicks, followers can be directed almost anywhere across the worldwide web. We hope you enjoyed this quick introduction; we highly recommend giving the program a try!

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