Instagram will launch its own shopping app

Maria Baeta


Instagram is preparing a standalone app to encourage you to buy stuff. According to the sources, this application will be called  IG Shopping.” It’s no surprise this is happening. The social network is huge promotion tool for online stores.

Right now, online stores are working overtime to get their products in posts or stories. Creating an app specializing in this will be a good way to separate the feeds: Instagram will continue to be an app to share our photos or videos. If we want to go further and buy, we can do it in a dedicated app.

Everything indicates that IG Shopping will adopt all the purchase options that Instagram already has, such as buying products directly through posts with a few clicks.


Will the Instagram strategy work? Competition from Amazon is fierce, but IG has a big advantage: 80% of Instagram users follow a business or brand, so they assume many of them will be interested in buying products within the app.

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