Instagram-powered vending machine gives free food for selfies

Justin Cabrera


Have you ever been hungry while out and about and thought “Wow, I sure would like some food but I hate paying for things.” Well, you’re in luck, as techie food company Foodbeast has teamed up with Nissin Cup Noodles to produce the Foodbeast #DreamMachine.

foodbeast vending machine gives noodles for selfies

This bizarre piece of modern engineering gives you a cup of delicious instant noodles in exchange for a selfie. The machines are retrofitted vending machines from the ’70s. Built-in Raspberry Pi’s connect to Instagram to ensure a secure and encrypted noodle-selfie exchange.  The process for getting your free food is as follows:

  1. Push the big red button on the machine.
  2. Take an endearing selfie of your beautiful face next to the #DreamMachine.
  3. The #DreamMachine will generate a unique hashtag. Use that hashtag while uploading your selfie to Instagram.
  4. The machine will check to see if you obeyed its online noodle dispensing protocols, and give you your noodles if you followed correctly.
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For such little effort, you too can have free noodles. The machine also can drop video games and gift cards, too, and while you cannot eat these prizes, they are welcome gifts nonetheless.

Initially conceived as a joke within Foodbeast, the #DreamMachine eventually made its way to production as the culmination of humanity’s shared love of social media influence and eating food. If you’d like to try out one of these machines, they’ll be set up at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California, as well as the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South. They’ll be up all throughout March, and Foodbeast is considering additional locations in the future.

The Foodbeast #DreamMachine is a strange amalgamation of social media and food that actually seems to work out quite well. Hopefully one pops up in a store near me so I never need to spend pocket change on a cup of noodles ever again.

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