Instagram updates with photo tagging for iPhone and Android

Lewis Leong


Instagram is finally getting photo tagging on the iPhone and Android. The feature works much like Facebook’s photo tagging, which is no surprise as Facebook owns Instagram. There’s also a new section in your profile called “Photos of You” where you can browse all of the photos you’ve been tagged in.

Previously, users had to @ mention their friends as a sort of pseudo-tag. By doing this, your friends would get a notification about the photo. Now you can actually tag a photo with your friend’s name and have it show up in his or her feed directly. You can even tag companies who have Instagram accounts.

To use photo tags, take a picture of someone and you’ll have a tag option in the description page. Your friend will then get an alert that they’ve been tagged and the photo will be added to their “Photos of You” section.

Instagram photos of you combined

Privacy is always a concern so Instagram allows you to hide pictures you don’t want to show up in your own photo feed. Users can also set the app to automatically block all photos until you’ve approved them. Still, users won’t be able to untag themselves from a picture.

You can get the Instagram 3.5 update with photo tagging for iPhone and Android.

Source: Instagram blog

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