Instagram Tests Turning Public Likes Off and On

Shaun M Jooste


Instagram Empowers You To Decide Whether Or Not You Want Public Likes To Be Visible

Instagram has been testing the visibility of public post likes since 2019. Formerly, it removed the option completely so that no one could see how many people actually enjoyed seeing your images and reels. Facebook had also mentioned a similar test in the past, which changed some of the functionality.

Two years later, Instagram is now giving you the option to decide if you want others to see post likes. Furthermore, you can toggle viewing likes on other Instagram posts if it annoys you. In this way, users can focus more on the actual content and not how much of the public actually enjoyed it.

Of course, this method won’t stop people from posting merely to garner likes. What it will do is let content creators freely interact with its followers and partners without worrying about how much attention they get as opposed to other profiles. We’re looking forward to seeing if Instagram reveals the results after this new testing phase and what it means for the platform’s future.

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