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It is easier than ever to save Instagram stories without anybody knowing

Patrick Devaney


Instagram Stories are the photo-sharing social network’s attempt to muscle into Snapchat territory. Stories allow users to post temporary images and videos of their shenanigans that disappear once they’ve been displayed. They enable people to share more risqué experiences than they’d share on their permanent timeline. To ensure this added level of privacy, in February, Instagram began testing a feature that notified users if their Stories had been screenshotted and who had done it. Instagram has now announced that this feature is no longer active.

This means that all you have to do if you want to screenshot somebody’s Instagram Story secretly is follow your phone’s regular screenshot process.

Instagram hasn’t said why this change has happened or explained whether the feature was popular or not. There are two ways to look at this. You’ll either be happy if you’re the type of person who enjoys capturing those moments that people think shouldn’t be given away permanently. Or, If you enjoy knowing that you can share videos and images on Instagram Stories as a one-time deal, then this news might creep you out, and affect your sharing habits.

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