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Instagram apps – how to improve your photos

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Everyone loves a good Instagram filter that can make even the most average photo look exciting, but the app’s stock filters can get a bit boring themselves after awhile.

If you feel like you want to get a bit more creative with your photos, we have a list of free apps for Android and iOS that will spice up your photo filtering in Instagram!

Instagram apps – how to improve your photos

Instaplace (Android, iOS)

Aplikacje do zdjęć na Android

Instaplace is an app that adds fancy captions and photos related to your current location. It’s ideal for holiday trips – the photos look like postcards.

The app can add a photo using city name, the current time, greetings, and other phrases. Captions can’t be edited, but there are lots to choose from.

Co to jest i jak działa Instagram

Jak działa Instagram

InstaWeather (Android, iOS)

Darmowe programy do zdjęć na AndroidInstaWeather works like Instaplace, labeling photos with the weather condition in your area. The app is ideal for extreme temperatures, especially when you want to record the amazing heat or freezing cold you endured that one time.

Instagram na Android i iPhone

Photogrid (Android, iOS)

Aplikacja do robienia ramek na Android

Photogrid is a free app for making frames. You can frame a single shot or  make a collage with multiple photos.

The app also lets you change image size, freely arrange compositions and offers a variety of colored templates for framing.

A ton of people also recommend another app for frames called Diptic (Android, iOS). It’s a paid app, but it has better options and a much simpler interface.


InstaFishEye (Android)

Obiektyw rybie oko na AndroidInstaFishEye is an app that gives your photos the appearance of having been taken with a wide angle lens. It bends the aspect of photographs to varying degrees depending on the chosen option, allowing you to obtain surprising results, like the fish-eye effect!

Efekty do zdjec

InstaSquareMaker (Android)

InstaSquare na AndroidThis apps lets you to put photos on Instagram that aren’t square. For example, if you have a great photo in landscape and don’t want to crop it into a square, InstaSquareMaker adds a frame in order to make it compatible with Instagram’s requirements.


InstaLomo HD (Android)

InstaLomo na AndroidInstaLomo HD is for fans of the retro photo. This app lets you take pictures with a LOMO camera’s distinctive style, but there are other effects to choose from too, like tilt-shift, or photos that look old enough to come from one of your grandma’s photo albums.

Darmowe aplikacje do zdjęć


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Original article written by Gosia Mikowska, published on Softonic PL

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