Instagram and Facebook Let You Hide Post Likes

Shaun M Jooste


Hide You Facebook and Instragam ‘Like’ Count

Last month, Instagram started testing a new feature whereby you can turn post likes on and off. It arrived due to many community members complaining about how it impacted the number of followers and mental health. Well, it seems as if the testing went well, as it’s rolling out for both IG and Facebook

You’ll have the power in your hands for whether people can see how much likes you have. For many, a low count doesn’t favor more likes. Others go through embarrassment and anxiety when no one seems to care about their content. Some will even remove posts if there aren’t enough looks. 

The developers hope that this tool will relieve some of the pressure of post performance. Unfortunately, the problem stems from chasing likes that takes away any valuable experience. You’ll also see content will less quality merely to see how many people engage with it. 

Instagram and Facebook Let You Hide Post Likes

It’s not what social media is supposed to be about, especially for youngsters. It gives them the wrong idea that peer approval means more than sharing news and excitement with the world.

While there was support for like to be removed completely, it would have a negative effect on influencers and brands who need to showcase the engagement for their posts. Hiding the ability to view the insights instead was by far the better decision for all parties.

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