Instagram accidentally leaks ad for Bolt, its Snapchat competitor

Lewis Leong


Last last night, some Instagram users began seeing an ad for an app called Bolt. The ad contains a description of the app which reads “One tap photo messaging,” and is cut off by a series of emojis. Take a look yourself.

Instagram accidentally leaks ad for Bolt, its Snapchat competitor

This leaked ad is interesting for two reasons: this may be Instagram’s answer to Snapchat (Android | iOS) and Instagram is apparently testing in-app app installs.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, already has its own Snapchat competitor called Slingshot (Android | iOS). The app received lackluster reviews so it’s curious why Facebook would need another Snapchat-like app.

Facebook has a history of testing features with a small number of users before rolling them out to the masses so this Bolt ad seems legitimate. Slingshot was also accidentally leaked on the App Store before its launch.

Source: The Verge


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