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How to hide Instagram tags

Kurtis Seid


Instagram iconInstagram’s latest update on Android and iPhone now allows users to tag photos. This new feature works like Facebook’s photo tagging, allowing you to tag other users in an image. Whenever someone takes a picture, they can tag you anywhere within that image, and you’ll receive a notification that they’ve done so. Additionally, images you’re tagged in will appear in a new “Photos of You” section. As with Facebook, you may eventually find yourself being tagged in an image you don’t want. Thankfully, there are two new options that will let you automatically hide new photos others tag you in and remove ones that are already visible on your profile. We’ve used a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for our testing, but the steps are compatible with other Android and iOS phones.

We’ll show you how to prevent those embarrassing photos from appearing on your feed…

How to hide Instagram tags

Removing photos from your profile

Removing tags manually

You can manually hide tags on individual images. Tap the photo and your Instagram name will appear. Tap your name and a “Photo of You” pop-up will appear. Tap “Hide from My Profile” to remove the picture and whenever someone visits your page that photo will no longer appear.

Automatically hide photos

Auto hide tags

It can take some time to manually remove tags from lots of pictures. Instead there’s an option to prevent “Photos of You” from appearing. First tap “Profile” in the bottom right corner. Within your profile page tap the new “Photos of You” tab that’s just below Followingand “Edit your profile”. On this page tap “Options” in the upper right corner. In the options menu select “Add Manually”. Now all new images will need to be approved before appearing on your profile.

Tags can be especially annoying since anyone can tag you, not just those you follow/your followers. This is compounded by the fact that there’s no means to untag yourself. At the moment, your options are to hide them or report the image. Taking these easy steps can keep your Instagram page free of inappropriate content, but with any luck, Instagram will improve the tagging system with future updates.

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