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How to get more followers on Instagram

Patrick Devaney


Instagram has become a gatekeeper to paradise. Or, at least that is what it wants us to think. Through those scrollable square windows, we can peer out on unbelievable scenes of peak living. “Instagram influencers” has become such a buzzword, that guides like this are not just about how to gain more Instagram followers. Guides like this are about growing your brand on Instagram, about how to become an Instagram influencer. We all want that peak living we see through other people’s Instagram windows, and getting more Instagram followers is the first step we need to take.

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Crowdfire offers a more extensive toolkit for those looking to build a substantial Instagram following. As well as offering insights on who has unfollowed you, it will help you find the types of accounts you should be following, and which accounts are likely to follow back. Crowdfire also allows you to schedule your Instagram posts so that they’ll send automatically at the exact time you want them to go out.

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So we’ve looked at the content of your Instagram posts, the hashtags you can use to classify your posts and link them up to like-minded people, how you should find the followers you want, how to engage with them, and the best apps to help you manage the whole thing.

This guide is by no means more exhaustive, and there is a lot more you can do to find more Instagram followers. It is a very good start, however, and if you set to work following the steps laid out, you will see your Instagram following grow. You’re the key in all of this though. You need to make sure your posts are interesting and engaging, and you need to interact with the community you’re trying to build. Good luck!

If you’d like any more tips on getting more Instagram followers let us know in the comments. The same goes for any other questions you might have about Instagram or any of your favorite apps. Softonic answers is here for your questions.

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