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How to: Apply Instagram filters in Photoshop

Elena Santos


If you own an iPhone, chances are you use Instagram, the popular iOS app that lets you apply effects to your photos and share them online in no time. Some of the filters included in Instagram can make your photos look really awesome, to the point that you may want to apply them to the images on your computer. And here’s where Daniel Box gets into action.

How to: Apply Instagram filters in Photoshop

Being an Instagram fan himself, Daniel was looking for a way to replicate the app’s filters in Photoshop. After not finding any satisfying results, he decided to create a set of Photoshop actions that let you apply Instagram filters to the images in your computer. Though he says he didn’t get a 100% match, I have to say results are very close to the original Instagram filters. They look great and best of all, can be applied in just one click.

Getting started

To use these Instagram filters in Photoshop, download the ZIP file from Daniel’s Tumblr and extract the ATN file into the Actions folder of your Photoshop installation (usually C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Actions). Then launch Photoshop, open the Actions window menu, click the small button on the top right corner (highlighted in the screenshot) and select Load action. Pick the Instagram action file and press Load.

The Action window will display a list with all the filters included in this action file, including also a few frames and special borders.

All you need to do then is open an image in Photoshop, choose the filter you want to apply to it and press the Play button on the Action window. The selected filter will be applied automatically in front of your eyes.

Original image

Brannan filter

Kelvin filter

Nashville filter

The Instagram filters action pack for Photoshop includes most filters featured in Instagram (there are only two or three missing) and works like a charm. A truly easy way to apply eye-catching effects to your images in one click!

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