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How to add multiple accounts on Instagram and manage them

Maria Baeta


Instagram for iOS and Android now allows its users to manage up to five different accounts without having to close the application. Although this feature is a little bit hidden, we’re going to tell you exactly how you do it.

1. Go to the options on your profile

How to add multiple accounts on Instagram and manage them

View your profile by clicking the little man, then click the three dots in the top-right hand side.

2. Go to “Add Account”

Under all of the options you’ll see the “Add Account” option. Click it!

3. Start a session with your other account

You’ll see the following screen. Login with the details of your other account (providing you have other accounts). You can also add any Facebook accounts you have affiliated with any of your Instagram. You can repeat this step up to five times.

4. Change which account you wish to use whenever you want

By now you will have noticed that the button on your profile has changed to the thumbnail of the account you are currently logged into. Want to switch accounts? Easy- simple view your profile as explained earlier, and click your username on the top-left of the screen. You’ll see how easy it to to navigate to each account!

5. If you get tired of one of your accounts – get rid of it

Have you found that you’re not using one of your accounts? No problem, it can easily be removed. To remove one of the accounts from the group you are currently managing, simply go back to the options menu where you’ll have the option to deactivate it. Note that this doesn’t delete the account, but simply removes it from your current Instagram session.

Now you’re Instagramming like a pro!

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