7 underrated Instagram apps you need to know about

Grace Sweeney


Facetune and VSCO are great and all, but today’s Instagram feed needs something a little more out of the box. You need more if you’re hoping to stand out in a sea of pitch-perfect pics and color-coordinated feeds.

Instagram enhancer

Scroll through your profile for a few seconds and you’ll likely see a repeating stream of photos that feel eerily familiar.

Break the mold by downloading some new apps. From the artistic to the just plain rad — here are some under-the-radar app recommendations perfect for livening up your tired old feed:

7 underrated Instagram apps you need to know about

1. Enlight

Enlight Photo editor

Enlight is a $4 iOS app made by the fine people who brought us Facetune. The app does way more than dress up your photos with stickers and overlays or just apply filters. Enlight exists to help you make capital-A Art. The app brings painting, sketch, and mixer effects to your smartphone — plus the usual presets and adjustment tools.


2. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch collage maker

Pic Stitch is a layout app that comes with more than 200 layouts and a built-in photo editor. The idea is these collage layouts give you space to carefully consider how each photo fits into your feed. Gone are the days of amateurishly posting a bunch of pics from the same outing. Instead, Pic Stitch is an opportunity to organize your images in a way that’s both calculated and cohesive.

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3. Artgram

artgram instagram editor

Artgram is a weird, experimental lo-fi app. It also makes some really cool-looking photos. Something of an art project, Artgram is a free download — available in the App Store alongside your usual sticker packs and face-editing tools. The app allows you to create these fragmented shots — streaked with lines or abstracted in some way or another.


4. Prisma

Prisma Instagram app

This one has been around for a few years — being named App of the Year by Google and Apple in 2016. However, it’s still a bit underrated in our opinion.

Prisma is a photo-editing tool that works to turn your photographs into paintings. Well, it sort of does that. The app comes with 300+ filters inspired by art movements and artists transforming your photos through a powerful AI.

Art-inspired filters kinda sound like the domain of Mac Photo Booth selfies. However, there’s a lot more to Prisma than turning yourself into a comic book drawing. Sharpen, crop, edit, and fine-tune your creations for photos that are less gimmick and more creative expression. Postmodernism at its finest, right?

5. Kapwing

Kapwing app for Instagram Stories

Kapwing is a hand-curated selection of templates you can use to level up your Instagram Stories. The app is only available on iPhone and even then, it doesn’t feature the editing tools. Those tools are only available on the website. The templates are super simple — you’re not going to find complex story editing tools that you might find in tools like Over or Canva.

The idea is to give Stories users a framework for combining multiple images together within a single story. So, you might use this to create a slide-show style story, put together collages, or make memes.


6. Leetags

Leetag hashtag finder Instagram

Leetags is an Instagram app that helps you find hashtags, an important component of growing your following. Finding hashtags can be a tedious, overwhelming process if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing. Sort through hashtags by searching various themes: animals, nature, food, drinks, and so on.

Users might feel that the categories are fairly broad. And, that’s certainly true. However, when you’re searching for inspiration, this approach can help you generate ideas. That’s much easier than heading over to Google Trends with no idea what to post.


7. Unfold

Unfold Instagram

Unfold is another app that makes it easy to create Instagram Stories built to engage. The selection of templates is top-notch, drawing inspiration from classic film, minimal photography, and more.

Add in text and export videos in hi-res. Unfold doesn’t come with a million features. However, you’ll have exactly what you need to create a beautiful collection of stories with an understated, artistic flair.

Become Insta-famous

These apps can help turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Sometimes the tools in the Instagram app just don’t have the tools you need to fully express your creativity. Hopefully, these apps gave you the resources you need to turn your posts into showstoppers.

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