11 best Instagram accounts for food lovers

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney


Instagram isn’t just a social network. It is a tool that can offer inspiration. Whether it be travel, fashion, exercise, meditation, or motivation, Instagram puts you in contact with inspirational people around the world offering visually appealing bite-size chunks of inspiration.


Food is one of the jewels in Instagram’s crowns and there are plenty of Instagram accounts all vying for your attention by serving up mouth-watering images of the tastiest dishes out there. Come to learn, come to cook, or just come to look. It doesn’t matter. Check out these mouthwatering Instagram accounts.

The best Instagram accounts to follow if you love food are…


Food is art and art is food. You’ll be seeing this truism in your timeline often if you subscribe you _foodstories_. Focusing on nature, including, but not limited to, apple and pear trees, berries, cherries, walnuts, elderberries, fresh herbs, and whatever else grows in their garden Laura Muthesius and Nora Eiserman post beautiful images of the food that they eat and tell the story behind each meal. If anything takes your fancy, you can get your hands on the recipe via their blog.


Delicious and kinda good for you. Katerina from Diethood has come up with some truly scrumptious recipes that both look fantastic and err on the healthier side of the spectrum. There’ll be no melting cheese or deep fat frying found here, but you will get hearty satisfying meals and easy to follow step by step recipes. This Instagram account is all about treating yourself without having to feel guilty about it.


For all you veggies, vegans, and people living gluten-free lifestyles we’ve got the minimalistbaker. Cooking up vibrant veggie platters and spicy Korean vegetarian wings, this Instagram account will make you drool and then realize how hungry you are. As a bonus, all recipes need just 10 ingredients or less and every one of them can be made in a single bowl in 30 minutes or less. If you’re hungry, lazy, and/or vegetarian you should be following the minimalistbaker.


The minimalistbaker branches out beyond mere baking, so if you’re looking for somebody to follow who’ll only bring you scrum-diddly-umptious baked treats, Brian Hart Hoffman is who you’re looking for. Brian is the Editor-in-chief of Bake from Scratch magazine so his personal Instagram account brings you all sorts of incredibly tasty cakes, cookies, brownies, and whatever else you can cook in an oven that tastes good. Warning: Don’t follow Brian if you’re trying to lose weight.


Not all of the best Instagram foodie accounts have thousands of followers. Feelinwhisky is one of our favorite foodies who has just a shade over 1,000 Instagram followers. She focuses on healthy food and easy to follow recipes and knows how to make photos of her food pop. If you’re looking for great recipes for soups, salads, tacos, or treats, give feelinwhisky a follow and join an exclusive club.


Hadley and Bennet make aprons for chefs. This puts Ellen Marie Bennett in a fortuitous position that allows her to travel the world and sample some of the tastiest delights it has to offer. Whether those delights be tacos in Mexico City or brunch in Chicago they’re always tastebud-tinglingly good. As well as all that, Ellen Marie Bennett is a pretty kick-ass cook herself and a really inspiring person to look up to.


The “swimmers” in question are Jill Fergus’ kids. She runs this Instagram account and accompanying blog and realized when her kids started swimming competitively how important nutrition is to performance and overall health. Accordingly, she posts images and recipes of fantastic dishes made from whole and organic natural ingredients. Jill also likes to experiment and embraces her failures as much as her successes so you’ll also find some out there creations that might just pique your interest.

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This beautiful sunshiny day in NYC today has me yearning for these fully loaded springtime nachos- blue corn chips layered with black beans, fresh salsa, radish, peach, fresh herbs and vegan cheese (crunchy, gooey, savory, sweet, spicy). A version of these will be dinner this eve (I see some cauliflower and broccoli additions…)! . . . #nachos #vegan #f52grams #feedfeed @thefeedfeed, #saveurmag, #huffposttaste #tastingtable #foodnetworkfaves #iamwellandgood #sweetpaulwinter #tastemademedoit #gloobyfood #lifeandthyme, #imsomartha #thekitchn #feedtheswimmers #foodrevolution #youonthechew #eater #emdailypic #thenewhealthy #makesmewhole #buzzfeast #thechalkboardeats @food #myallrecipes #goopmake #foodandwine #bombesquad #lovefood @love_food #bestofvegan

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Erin Jeanne McDowell brings another baking Instagram account to our list. She adds something new, however, thanks to her fantastic savory creations like this unctuous deep-dish pizza or this tearable, shareable giant pretzel. She, of course, also cooks up some mind-bendingly beautiful sweet treats, which have will make your mouth water and have your hand subconsciously reaching for the mixing bowl.


Disclaimer! As we approach the end of this list I need to tell you that putting it together has not helped my waistline at all. I’ve been in a constant state of needing to devour good food and the brunchboys have worked me up into that crazy fervor more than most of the other accounts we’ve looked at. This account is not held back by concepts like organic, vegan, or good for you. It is a simple celebration of the fact that some clever bastard realized that my merging lunch with breakfast we basically give ourselves the freedom to have ALL the good stuff on our plate at once. What a treat! Follow these guys and then eat well on every weekend and day off you have for the rest of your life.


Michelle Gatton is a food stylist. Yes, such a job exists. Her job is to make even boring food look amazing, and she does it admirably. You won’t find recipes on this Instagram account, but you will find out just how good food really can look. For all you adventurous gastronauts out there, you might not find step-step instructions here but you will find inspiration by the truckload. Take a look and see what you come up with.


Betty is a photographer. She snaps weddings on the weekend and food during the week. We’re bringing you back to the beginning here as Betty likes to tell stories with her Instagram account about the food in her photos and what that food means. She posts incredible photographs of many different types of food but her main focus is Asian food, due to the fact she grew up eating traditional Chinese food thanks to her mom’s cooking. No less enticing than other of the accounts we’ve featured, Betty’s account will make you think about the food rather than just wanting to put it inside you!

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